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See some of our activities during the election campaign

Our chair Louise Irvine is stood for the NHA Party against Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in Surrey. 5

SLH CAMPAIGNER CONFRONTS DAVID CAMERON Watch here (second question) and read here

We are fighting for the NHS
We are fighting for the NH


  • Scrap the Health and Social Care Act.
  • Stop blaming migrants for the NHS crisis.
  • An end to cuts and an injection of cash to meet growing health care needs.Stop financially drive A&E, maternity, and GP closures
  • Stop the cuts in mental health care beds and increase the funding to meet growing needs.
  • An end to privatisation of the NHS
  • No to TTIP
  • Remove PFI burden on the NHS – say NO to PFI!
  • A decent living wage for all NHS staff.
  • Guarantee safe staffing/nursing levels
  • We demand NHS based on public need not private greed


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