Junior doctors demonstration Saturday 6 February 2016
A strike took place on Wednesday 10 Feburary, emergency cover only. Trainee nurses, consultants, ambulance staff, Lewisham Pensioners Forum, campaigners and community joined junior doctors on the picket line.

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We held a successful meeting on the Junior Doctors’ dispute and the government proposal to cut bursaries from nurses and health professionals.

Speaking were Shruti Patel for the Junior Doctors, consultant Helen Fidler for the BMA, student nurse Danielle Tiplady, A&E sister Nicola Pickton, Trainee OT Jenny Leow, GPs Jim Sikorski and Louise Irvine (chair of the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign). A number of practical ways of supporting the junior doctors and student nurses and health professionals were discussed.

Saturday 9 January

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We marched with 5000 nurses, health staff, unions and health campaigners to opposed Osborne’s cut to nurses’ training bursaries. Student nurses work full time hours, unpaid, on NHS wards and other placements for half the 4500 hours of their 3 year training. They do not get student holidays. Student nurses have their tuition fees paid, but not their accommodation. Their unpaid work saves the Government more than tuition fees.

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Video of march from SLH supporter Barry Still


THE LEWISHAM AND GREENWICH NHS CHOIR MADE IT TO NO 1! Thanks to all our supporters who downloaded Bridge Over You The moment when the NHS Choir were told they’d beaten Justin Bieber to Christmas number one Read more…

See latest video here

banner4 conf OUR CONFERENCE AND DISCUSSION DAY: NHS IN CRISIS SATURDAY 5 DECEMBER 2015 Read key speeches and see videos from the conference, see more photos…

Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group has written to Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust this week giving a very important commitment to the longer term continuation of Lewisham Hospital’s A&E department.  This has been done with the full support of OHSEL (Our Healthier South East London – made up of the six CCG Commissioning Strategy Team) and NHS England. The letter states. “[Lewisham CCG confirms] that commissioners expect to need all of south east London’s existing A&E departments, including at Lewisham Hospital. For the avoidance of doubt, we expect the Lewisham A&E Department to remain as an emergency care facility operating 24 hours a day.”

This is excellent news for the trust, for the 6000 staff and for our Save Lewisham Hospital campaign which has united our local community over the last three years Read more

Heidi Alexander, Lewisham East MP and Shadow Health minister says she will ‘hold Jeremy Hunt’s feet to the fire on funding’ and will ‘take the spirit I learned from the campaigners in Lewisham to the despatch box in the House of Commons’. Heidi was appointed as Shadow Health Secretary by Jeremy Corbyn. She has been an excellent advocate for the Save Lewisham Hospital campaign in Parliament from the very beginning and has fought tirelessly for her constituents in Lewisham. Shadow Health Secretary is a key job and we think it is essential to hold this government to account about the NHS. We send Heidi warm congratulations and good luck for her new and very challenging role.

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GREEK SOLIDARITY FILM EVENING FROM SLHC CAMPAIGN Mon 27 April organised by our campaign in solidarity with an Athens Hospital and clinic. For report on film evening part of the New Cross/Deptford Free Film Festival click here CHARLOTTE MONRO HAS BEEN REINSTATED BY BARTS HOSPITAL TRUST!!!!!! WHAT A PRINCIPLED STAND! WHAT A VICTORY! Read Charlotte’s statement and Barts Trust statement here  31 March 2015 and the history of her long fight.   COMMUNITY CARE – NEW REPORT PUBLISHED SHOWS DECLINE IN SERVICES Community care is an often almost invisible but vital web of support for the most vulnerable in our society receiving care outside hospital and often in their own homes. The report highlights worrying changes Read more, download the report here  NO OUTSOURCING OUR SERVICES: CAMPAIGN HANDS IN 3600 LETTERS 12 March 2015, a group from the campaign including Lewisham GPs Dr Louise Irvine and Dr Brian Fisher, Lewisham GPs, handed in 3600 letter to government quango Monitor from Lewisham patients requesting Lewisham services remain within the NHS. To read more click here  NHS REINSTATEMENT BILL PRESENTED IN PARLIAMENT BY CROSS PARTY MPS Groups of health campaigners including the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign, KONP, Call 999 NHS, Save St Helier Hospital Campaign, and Ealing Hospital campaign came to show support for the bill. Click here to see pics and short interview with bill drafter, Peter Roderick SAVE LEWISHAM HOSPITAL CAMPAIGNER GETS QUESTION TO CAMERON In an incredibly stage-managed and biased ‘Leaders debate’ on Sky/Channel 4 with wannabe Tory candidate Jeremy Paxman, Lewisham campaigner Vicky Penner managed to get a question to Cameron on the NHS. Vicky’s question follows a first question, on privatisation. To view click here  A PERSONAL GLIMPSE OF THE US HEALTH SYSTEM A personal and very revealing account from a US citizen now living in the UK. Click here. DEFEND LONDON’S NHS RALLY 10 MARCH, HAMMERSMITH A contingent from Lewisham attended the successful rally of over 500 people. Speakers included Dr Sandhu, Andy Slaughter MP, Dr Louise Irvine, Owen Jones, Click here  for pictures. STRIKES OF ISS WORKERS AT QE HOSPITAL Over 200 GMB members are employed by  private contractor ISS at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich. They have carried out successful one day strikes and were threatening strike for 5 days beginning9 March. Read more about the issues involved. STAFFORD HOSPITAL PROTEST CAMP HAS ENDED! WE SALUTE YOU! Since July 18 Support Stafford Hospital campaigners have camped out in the hospital grounds as part of their fight to stop the transfer of services and downgrading of the hospital. The camp was dismantled on Saturday 31 January after campaigners had protested for 197 days. Read more WINNING THE BEST COMMUNITY CARE – VIDEO AND NEW QUESTIONNAIRE The Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign is proud to announce the release of a film by Stuart Monro of Winning the Best Community Care events put on by the SLH campaign together with Lewisham Healthwatch. To watch the video and to find out more click here. SAVE LEWISHAM HOSPITAL CAMPAIGN SOLIDARITY WITH GREECE HOSPITAL & CLINIC Louise Irvine took part in a 3 day intensive investigation with a British delegation of conditions in the  Greek health service. See a video of her talking about the delegation here. Since then the campaign has voted to begin solidarity actions on behalf of the Greek health services. UP TO 20,000 PEOPLE GATHERED TO MEET THE DARLO MUMS AND THE 999 PEOPLE’S MARCH FOR THE NHS. The People’s March for the NHS followed the historic footsteps of the Jarrow Crusade. See photos and links and read more… NHS ARTICLES – KEEP YOURSELF INFORMED Do you have an article to recommend? Let us know.  Have you read Allyson Pollock’s report on PFI in South London? Read more VESTED INTERESTS IN THE LORDS AND PARLIAMENT – VOTING TO PRIVATISE OUR NHS See the information below from Social Investigations – a very long list of parliamentary financial links LEWISHAM PEOPLE’S COMMISSION DVD AND REPORT NOW OUT AND AVAILABLE TO BUY ON LINE Published 27 November the full report of the evidence submitted by clinicians, patients and the community to the Commission in June 2013 Click here to download report or buy report and video LEWISHAM AND GREENWICH TRUST DECIDES AGAINST SERCO! The Save Lewisham hospital Campaign is delighted that following lobbying from our and other SE London campaigns Lewisham & Greenwich Trust (LGT) has against a contract with SERCO Click here to read statement from hospital and more information. WE SUPPORT OTHER CAMPAIGNS The Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign supports other campaigns in their fights against cuts and closures. Read more…    
WE WON THE APPEAL! 29 OCTOBER 2013 Click here to see press coverage Click here to read Day 1 court report and more about our legal case and the Appeal     Click below to revisit some of our campaign history





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