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Send Lewisham Hospital a Christmas Card

Thank you everybody for coming together to defend Lewisham Hospital during the TSA Consultation.  But the battle isn’t over.  We have to tell Jeremy Hunt what our hospital means to us, so there will be action on the 26th January (watch this space).  And if he ignores us, we have to keep fighting for our right to decent healthcare.

Lewisham is a diverse borough with high levels of poverty, yet the TSA consultation did not do an Equalities Impact Assessment- despite their own guidelines telling them to do one.  They are trying to sacrifice the hospital at the poorest neighbouring borough to the ones in debt, but not investigate how it will effect the community’s needs.

So over Christmas, show everyone at Lewisham Hospital what they mean to you by sending them a Christmas Card.  Our hospital is important to us- even if we aren’t important to the TSA -and all the cards will be decoratively arranged in a powerful message to SAVE LEWISHAM HOSPITAL!  We hope the staff appreciate this as they work over the holidays.


Christmas Card

Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust

University Hospital Lewisham

Lewisham High Street


SE13 6LH

(Feedback from the hospital was very positive about the #thankslewisham response.  See that page to see a powerful a message of thanks and support to the hospital)

9 thoughts on “Send Lewisham Hospital a Christmas Card

  1. Agata says:

    Save lewisham hospital

  2. sarah thomson says:

    My partner wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t have lewisham A&E.
    SO thank you all at lewisham hospital for keeping him alive!
    In a city of this size losing a brand new A&E department that serve a vast community closing a vital service is NUTS, STUPID and totally CRAZY……

    • Olivia says:

      We absolutely agree Sarah. We’re holding another demonstration on Sat 26th January just before Hunt announces his decision. Watch the website for further info.
      Save Lewisham Hospital campaign

  3. franklyn says:

    Lewisham A & E has made an amazing difference to me and my family,from injuries to life threatening situations. and I thank them. The NHS as a whole is a profoundly important manifestation of what is best about humanity. coming together to help each as one people.

    whats going to happen when, i am going to have to travel across the A2, to almost another part of london, is that insane? Imagine having to go to woolwich in the middle of the night with our children. Or on the bus, I used to work their, it took two hours with south london’s transport issues.

    It seems, what the Lord giveth with one hand, the government take away with another.

    If ever there was something to stand up and fight for this is it folks, do what you can, whenever can, all the while you can.

    I am going to write to that PM again and however else is on that list, even if someone hears me, I have said and done something.

    • Sonia Gayle says:

      Thanks to all who have taken the time to support us at this difficult time. We will not stop until our voice are heard. Please join the march on the 26th of January 2013 and encourage others to participate.Our determination is to show Jeremy Hunt how important this hospital is to us.

  4. admin says:

    You’re absolutely right Franklin. We’re having another demonstration on 26 th January just before this truly heartless government announces their decision. Thanks for all your support

    Save Lewisham Hospital

  5. Pandora Stevens says:

    Thank you to all the staff of Lewisham A&E for looking after my nine year old who has really suffered with a severe case of Norovirus.

    You were all brilliant. I never will forget how you saved my life either when I was just a teenager, if you hadn’t of been there I wouldn’t have made it to the other hospitals and would have surely have died and my daughter would never have been born.

    Merry Christmas to you all.

  6. Vas Sabapathy says:

    My husband was a beneficiary of the new A&E and I am convinced we may have lost him if not for the timely attention received at the hospital’s A&E.

    We desperately need this service at Lewisham Healthcare, and so, please, don’t change the status quo.

  7. vicky says:

    I have worked at lewisham hospital for nearly 14 yrs in paediatrics. There should send the those behind a desk playing russian roulette with innocent people lives spend a day in adult and children’s A&E in both Lewisham and Queen Elizabeth and then will they be able to justify their proposal. Or even why don’t programmes like Panorama visit these departments and hospital and brodcast it world wide to show the men in suits what and idiot they are.


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