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Save NHS key articles and press

This page is used to reference key articles about the NHS


VESTED INTERESTS IN THE LORDS AND PARLIAMENT – VOTING TO PRIVATISE OUR NHS See the information below from Social Investigations – a very long list of parliamentary financial links

13 October 2014 The strike is a symptom of an NHS in intensive care, Polly Toynbee, Guardian

13 October 2014 Times material week beginning 13.10.14

11 October 2014 A wolf in sheep’s clothing (Monitor) Allyson Pollock and Peter Roderick, BMJ

30 August 2014 Leaflet on TTIP produced for SLH anti-marketisation working group

19 August 2014 Revealed all new GP contracts will be thrown open to private providers Monitor launches probe into attracting new providers to run GGP practices

John Lister article

Allyson Pollock on privatisation

31 July 2014 Good round up article from John Lister in Morning Star

27 June 2014 A hex on you… Private Eye article on Northumberland PFI buyout

22 June 2014 List of vested interests in Parliament from Social Investigations

8 March 2014 Medicine Balls from Private Eye Unhealthy Competition – on Monitor

Monday 17 February Channel 4 Dispatches, Film from Morland Sanders, A&E’s missing millions – tariff scandal



7 February 2013 Medicine Balls from Private Eye on Clause 118

24 January 2014 Medicine Balls from Private Eye on privatisation in the NHS

More information on TTIP Click here

January 2013 Dr Clive Peedell on The Kaiser Report on Russia Today re NHS privatisation


Article from ABC news from 2009 US health system wasted $750bn in 2009

12 November 2013 Debunking one of the government’s favourite myths – that we can’t afford that NHS because of an ageing population. ‘The Timebomb that isn’t’ an article from the British Medical Journal

17 May 2013 TIPP-ing Point: The NHS must be exempted from impending Free Trade deals Article from Linda Kaucher, free-lance researcher into international trade issues, and journalist presented to SLHC marketisation group

3 April 2013 Our NHS Crunch time looms as experts and medical professionals speak out against new NHS Privatisation Regulations Caroline Molloy

2 April 2013 Guardian Annulling competition rules in the most important NHS battleground  (Bob Hudson)

1 April 2013 Telegraph From today the coalition has put the NHS up for grabs

27 March 2013 BBC London News More London hospitals may ‘face financial problem’

20 March 2013 British Medical Journal  Health and Social Care Act The future of the NHS—irreversible privatisation? Jill Mountford from Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign interviews Lucy Reynolds

March 2013 Private Eye Dr Bob Gill has sent in this article on the Francis report  from Private Eye  View  

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