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Saturday stalls – Flood the TSA!

If you want to help the campaign, come to the stalls this Saturday.  We need people to help get signatures and written TSA responses.  Also, it means you can chat with other people involved in the campaign in your area and come up with ideas or a plan for getting posters up locally.

Remember to reply to consultation-

Post a comment or reply to the site if you want to do a stall in an area we’ve not covered (lee green, downham)

Brian Deptford High Street – not sure which end 11:00
Barbara Lewisham Market – under the canopy of Lewisham Centre 10:00
Barbara Hither Green Station – Staplehurst Rd side of tunnel, in/near Xmas fair 12 – 5
Cheryl Sydenham Post Office – 11:00
Anne – Marie Brockley Station – 13:00
Sheila Lewisham Hospital – 13:00
Vicky Blackheath Station 11:00
Olivia Catford – on corner of Broadway Theatre café, by market: 11:00
Dave Esterton Forest Hill by station/post office 12:00
Nick Long Downham – by Barclays 11:00
Lee Green – not organised yet
Lewisham Station – not organised

19 thoughts on “Saturday stalls – Flood the TSA!

  1. Sarah says:

    I’ll help out at the Catford one, but if I can’t find it I’ll go along to the Lewisham Hospital one.

    • Olivia. says:

      Hi Sarah am organising the Catford one – meet outside the theatre cafe on corner at 11 . I’ll bring stuff. Olivia

      • Kathy cruise says:

        Hello Olivia
        I can help at the catford stall
        See you on Saturday
        Kathy cruise

        • Olivia says:

          Great, see you at 11

  2. Olivia says:

    Hi Sarah – posted a response but it dídnt come up so trying again. I am organising Catford stall. I will be outside theatre cafe on corner at 11 am. Will bring table and leaflets etc

  3. Jeanne Steele says:

    Can help brockley where is the stall please?

    • Tony O'Sulivan says:

      Station approach

  4. Cathinka Guldberg says:

    I can do Saturday at 13.00 either in Lewisham Centre or at the Hospital. Thanks

  5. Karen Williams says:

    Hi is the lewisham meeting point the rear entrance to the shopping centre near the roundabout ?
    also the lewisham station stalls is that thurs fri sat this week – if this week could help on friday .

    • Tony O'Sulivan says:

      Under the canopy at the front by the market area

  6. Anne Burke says:

    I can help out at Hither Green on Saturday

  7. Anne Burke says:

    I can also help out at Downham.

    • admin says:

      11-1, by barclays

  8. Sheila Amrouche says:

    Lewisham Hospital stall was for Thursday & Friday, I can’t do Saturday. There will be a new leaflet for the Day of Action, I hope to get it to the Saville Centre sometime during Friday.

  9. Kathy cruise says:

    Hi again
    I can do a stall in down ham 11 -2 with a few friends if there are enough people to cover catford or I could do an hour in catford and then go on to down ham if that would help

    • admin says:

      there’ll be a stall set-up, 11-2, by barclays. Someone got stuff from saville centre.

  10. Annie says:

    I can help out in Downham. Where and when please?

    • admin says:

      11-1, at barclays.

  11. Cathinka Guldberg says:

    Is there no longer a stall at the Lewisham Centre at 1pm?


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