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Response of Kings College area MPs to final TSA report

Here is a great letter today to Jeremy Hunt from the King’s College Hospital area MPs opposed to the closure of Lewisham A&E and maternity.

 Accident & Emergency
‘It is now acknowledged that most of the patients who would otherwise have used Lewisham A&E will come to King’s.  This will have a major impact on the service provided in King’s A&E.  It simply will not be possible to maintain the high standard of service which King’s seeks to provide in A&E, and in particular in paediatric A&E.”We estimate the following, based on NHS figures: 54% of patients – or 65,000 people – who would otherwise have gone to Lewisham will come to King’s A&E – that is an increase of almost 45% for King’s A&E.  As it is, there is a small but concerning increase in waiting times at King’s A&E.  If Lewisham A&E closes it is inconceivable that King’s would be able to maintain what is a much improved service for our constituents.’To read the full letter follow the link below


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