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Public Meeting Save Lewisham Hospital, save our NHS

Public meeting 24 April 2013 at Goldsmiths College

Over 250 attended the meeting to hear great speeches from Professor Colin Leys, John Lister. Rachel Maskell (Unite Union), Pat Smith (Labour Party) and Louise Irvine, SLH Campaign Chair

Louise Irvine outlined achievements of the campaign so far and outlined what lies ahead in the near future: the legal review, fundraising for legal funds, a trip to Hunt’s constituency – the Hunt for Hunt, and at the end of June a Lewisham People’s Commission. Alongside that the Lewisham campaign will support and connect with other campaigns. 

Click here to see video of Colin Leys talk (video from Stuart Monro)

Click here to see video of firefighter speech (video from Stuart Monro)

Click here for excellent report from East London Lines 




6 thoughts on “Public Meeting Save Lewisham Hospital, save our NHS

  1. Linda Brian says:

    Has anyone been in touch with UKIP they seem to be the party that will take a lot of the votes in the next election I don’t know any of the party members but if anyone does it might be an idea to see if they want to help save our hospital

    • Rakehell Obi (@Rakehell_Obi) says:

      The recent yougov poll claiming that UKIP is getting 11% of the vote is misleading. The poll ignored the existence of the Green Party who do have an MP sitting in Parliament or even the National Health Action who have had more success in gaining votes, in two weeks of campaigning.

      Plus UKIP would definitely give the NHS into corporate hands. Apart from complaining about immigrants and the European Union, they had a dearth of ideas.

    • john says:

      Utterly mad to think that the people who support ukip would have anything other than a right-wing agenda. Be eternally grateful you don’t know any of the party members!

    • Alan Rogers says:

      The Campaign to save Lewisham Hospital is for everyone. Its way above political parties. Ive had an operation at Lewisham Hospital and use its various services many times. This decision stinks.
      And yes I am angry, this campaign needs full support from all, the woman in the street, the man in the street, the silents and noisiest. Rakehell Obi, this is the time and place to fight this government with everything and everyone, not debate your political preferences.
      On Lewisham Hospital it is this government that have reached a farcical and wrong decision.

  2. Graham Kirkwood says:

    I don’t think it would be good to have anyone from UKIP on a platform, their anti-foreigner rhetoric can be very divisive. The campaign has to be for everyone, we can all fight to defend the NHS.

    • Charles Docherty says:

      I don’t think that ANY political party – including Labour Party – should be heavy involved unless EVERY party is given tbe chance to be involved. For every public meeting I suggest tbat Tory, Labour, Lib Dems, Greens and UKIP should be asked if they want to send a speaker. Only inviting one oarty would put supporters off tbe cause and could lead to that party hijacking events for their own purposes.
      Just my opinion..


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