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Pictures & video of our amazing demo

25,000 people marched on 26th January 2013 to Save Lewisham Hospital. The march was led by Lewisham Hospital workers and a group of Olympic drummers and nurses. It took nearly two hours for the march to finally get to Mountsfield Park from the roundabout at Lewisham Station.

Here are pictures which show a truly amazing and historic day for Lewisham, our hospital, and the NHS

To view TV coverage – we made national and international news click  here

Press statement from Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust here

Great demo pictures including iconic aerial shots from photographer Simon Way
To view on iphones and other apple devices click here

Great pictures from Owen Liddle with some wonderful close-ups of Lewisham people and speakers
To view on iphones and other apple devices view here

Amazing  pictures from photographer and blogger Andy Worthington
Click here to see on iphones and other apple devices

More pictures from Andy Worthington

Great pictures from Leila O’Sullivan
Click  here to view on iphones and other apple device

Pictures from Barry Still
Click here to view on iphones and other apple devices


Pictures from Daniel Kocian – thanks click here

A great video from Abi Moore, film maker – thanks

Video from Liz Brahier – thanks

Video from Stuart Monro – thanks

Louise Irvine, Chair of Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign, speaks at rally after the demo
(Fourman films)



11 thoughts on “Pictures & video of our amazing demo

  1. Solomon Joseph says:

    I fully support to save Lewisham Hospital

  2. Larry Poulton says:

    I’m disgusted that the greed of PFI schemes has led to the downfall of a public service. I will be there…

  3. James says:

    Westminster Students’ Left of University of Westminster fully supports this campaign, we’ll be joining you and are building for the march, leafleting and postering and raising awareness with our students, this closure will affect everyone in South London and is a dangerous policy costing lives, another attack on our Health Service toward privatisation.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Violet – its really good to know about your support.

    Keep in touch

    Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign

  5. Simone says:

    Took the bus from Brookhowse Rd in Bellingham to the QE hospital in Woolwich Common today. It took us almost 2 hours. I really don’t want this to be the future of my trips to hospital!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for telling us this Simone I’ll flag it up in different places.

  6. carole hasan says:

    Took my little boy for his eye appointment today 25th Jan at Lewisham Hospital i was so overwhelmed that i hugged a nurse and we both had tears in our eyes.

  7. Lee Farrell says:

    Lewisham A&E I s a much needed service, If it is closed alot of lives will be lost through injury or accidents they may have, In the near by areas and need this service as it is the closest one to them, also, People with wounds, Car crashes, or bone brakages, Will be most affected by the closure and Lives will be lost from the travel of some where further away, We urge that A&E I kept open, We all rely on it

  8. carole hasan says:

    All my 6 children were born , treated in A&E , and currently have appointments in our Hospital – Lewisham, i just cannot fathom how this Goverment can justify sending out Billions of our tax payers money to other countries supporting them when making his own people suffer.{Closing down all Hospitals etc- Benefits} this is absolutly scandleous.
    They are the Goverment but surely even for them there must be a full stop point- what about OUR HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!!!!
    Lewisham is the Heart of this community and Borough it feels like part of us is being ripped out.
    I pray to god that this pen pushing idiot back tracks.
    The march was fantastic – we need to carry on fighting until this man sees sense.

  9. Ann says:

    I am so very proud to live in a borough, where we can all pull together for our Hospital.
    Well done Lewisham, we can’t stop now


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