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Lewisham Maternity Service Liaison Committee

This page has links to both a response that the Lewisham Maternity Service Liaison Committee made to a meeting they had with Dr Jane Fryer from South London Health Trust and also their response to the TSA report submitted to Matthew Kershaw. The documents raise important points about maternity services from women’s perspectives.

‘We have read, with interest, your recommendations which we believe, if carried out, will have an alarmingly detrimental impact on the women and families we represent. There are four key areas that we would like you to consider:

1. a woman’s freedom of choice as to where to give birth (at home, in a midwifeled unit or obstetric led unit)
2. a woman’s right to access maternity services locally
3. equal access to maternity services for all women and infants, regardless of their ethnicity or income.
4. how we think you can save money whilst still providing a safe and happyservice to women and their families.’


To read more click here Jane Fryer meeting minutes_Final

and MSLC_response Final 5thDec2012

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