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Dossier of evidence









Powerful arguments
Lewisham hospital clinicians  produced a powerful dossier of evidence, which together with an important document from Helen Tattersfield, Chair of Lewisham CCG was presented at the meeting with Mayor Boris Johnson.

The dossier should be read by every campaigner to make sure that we know all the arguments. Issues such as:

  1. The ‘100 lives’ argument – why it is false – this was the argument used so shabbily by Hunt on 31st January and repeated by Boris Johnson at the Catford meeting.
  2. Lewisham Hospital can meet the new emergency standards
  3. Assessment of impact on Children and Maternity services
  4. Health & Equalities: the impact of the loss of services at Lewisham Hospital
  5. Impact on the London Ambulance Service
  6. The risk to local networks and the role of the CCG in partnership working
  7. Serious questions on the financial model

To read the full dossier (recommended) click here

2 thoughts on “Dossier of evidence

  1. b watson says:

    politicians have meddled in the nhs for to long,kick them out and let them see what its like to wait for 15 hours on a trolley in a and e as happened to an old friend of ours aged 90 who died 3 weeks after entering hospital

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