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Diocesan response

‘This response is submitted by the Bishop of Woolwich with colleagues. The Bishop of Woolwich has oversight within the Church of England Diocese of Southwark for the 90 parishes of the Woolwich Episcopal Area, covering the London Boroughs of Southwark, Lewisham and Greenwich, together with parts of Bromley and Bexley. This response focuses specifically on the proposals of the TSA as they relate to University Hospital Lewisham. A response focusing on the impact on Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, has also been submitted by the chaplaincy team there.’

We are aware that a number of specialist responses to the draft proposals have already been made, or are being prepared, by clinicians and legal experts.  For the most part, we shall not seek to duplicate the points made in them. This document, however, is also a specialist response; it is framed in the light of the Gospel injunctions that the followers of Jesus Christ should have a special care for the most vulnerable of God’s children; those who have least power to make their voices heard in the world. This response will therefore focus on the perceived impact of the draft proposals on those in the communities affected who are old, poor, disabled and mentally vulnerable, and makes no apologies for doing so.’

To read the rest of the letter click here Diocesan response

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