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Boris gets a roasting in Catford


Click here to read about SLH campaign and clinicians’ meeting with Boris Johnson which came about as a result of campaigners’ demands in Catford.

Boris Johnson got a roasting in Catford last night (7th March) at the Broadway Theatre, Catford. Save Lewisham Hospital Campaigners organised a red carpet welcome and carnival atmosphere outside the theatre and inside the questioning was dominated by campaigners and supporters.
Stuart Monro has done a great video of the event featuring Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign supporters

To see some initial photos click here if you have an iphone or other mac device or click slideshow below. Thanks to those on Twitter – we borrowed your photos.

ITV London Tonight 8th March 2013

BBC News London Mayor heckled by Lewisham Hospital campaigners

Email sent in this morning from Campaign member Michael Coulston to BBC re their coverage this morning 
 Dear Sir/Madam

In your TV report this morning about the Mayor and GLA’s question time session in Catford, the only clip you chose to show was Boris Johnson making a spurious claim about “100 lives” saved, where he tried to imply that the people who are trying to save Lewisham Hospital, who are mainly driven by a desire to save the lives that will be lost if the hospital is downgraded, somehow don’t care about these imaginary 100 people.

This does not in any way reflect the issues that were raised during the question time.  In fact, it was the comment that Boris most regretted, because several members of the GLA panel and several knowledgeable people in the audience thoroughly debunked the claim both before and after Boris made it, and it caused outrage.

Why on Earth would BBC London News choose to play that one clip, knowing that Boris was making a false and already debunked claim in an attempt to insult the dedicated campaigners and the 25 000 people who marched to save their hospital on 26 January?

Perhaps, like Boris, the BBC doesn’t care about the people of Lewisham

Michael Coulston


ITV London News  London Mayor faces tough questions over Lewisham hospital


2 thoughts on “Boris gets a roasting in Catford

  1. Valerie Weber says:

    Why not write to the Radio Times letter page? More chance of an airing there.

  2. denis kenward says:

    Boris you are a vacuous air head , a celebrity politician elected by morons who think that sound bites and newsreel of you hung up over the olympic park mean more than policies, this video shows what you realy have to say on important politics….nothing. Get out and let a sensible person run london. Brilliant video Stuart !


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