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Online tickets

Online tickets have sold out!  You can get tickets from the outlets below, or returns at the door.

If you have any queries relating to an earlier order, reply to the email you received.  Check your SPAM folder.

Local Ticket Outlets:

  • You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Cafe – 15, Staplehurst Road, Hither Green, SE13 5ND ( Open 8am – 6pm weekdays, closed Mondays) 020 8297 2333
  • The Saville Centre, Lewisham High Street London SE13 6LJ (call 020 8690 7869 before visiting, someone is often in the office.  Always open Monday – Thursday, 10am-2pm.)

5 thoughts on “Online tickets

  1. Sylvia October says:

    Fantastic achievement . lets celebrate

    • Dayana says:

      Patient choice’ is a govt sales slagon, used for all the sell offs of the nationals to the private but it doesn’t apply to the real situation. I can say I want to go to St X hospital, but the doctor should send me to where he/she thinks is correct. The PO was split, cherry picked and is now even more unviable than ever. Likewise railways, Virgin Trains gets the ticket fares, but the state still has to mend the rails, via Retwork rail which costs millions but has not help from the ticket office money. The same will happen with the NHS. Private clinics will make the NHS too expensive to run by taking money for the easy jobs. Those clinics have to be cheaper and give a profit two slices off of money that should have been for patient care.When the NHS hospitals are left half full, the private sector will step into the void the government has planned for it, to save the NHS’.

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  3. Patrick Lee says:

    bloody impossible to buy tickets on line

    • admin says:

      Sorry – hope you made it.


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