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Stuart Monro

Message from Charlotte Monro and daughter Anna
stuart 2

We have lost Stuart. He collapsed suddenly on Thursday evening. We were at home together. Stuart we love you so much and so many other people do. My support, my life sharer, Anna’s dad, and soul friend. He has given so much to people, to our times, to our movements. His films, his wisdom, and his great love and loyalty to people, and his humour. What he has given will live on in all of us. 

The NHS he fought for had cared for him well

Getting involved with the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign gave Stuart momentous inspiration in this later part of his life.  He saw in all of you, your collective fight and the way you work, the very best qualities of humanity. What he experienced has given him, us, and many others a deep confidence in the movements of the people, and that we can and will secure a  future with well-being at its heart. I know Stuart and his videos have made an important contribution to your campaign of which he was so proud to be a part.  Stuart was so glad of your support to me in my fight for reinstatement.
Anna and I both want to thank you for what you have given Stuart. 


stuartLouise Irvine, Chair of the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign writes:
It is with great sadness that I write of the loss of one of the most loved and valued members of our campaign. 

All of us in the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign are so sorry to have lost Stuart Monro. Stuart was a member of our campaign steering committee since the start and was an inspirational chronicler and promoter of our campaign through his films. He was full of energy and creativity. His wonderful films were central to the success of our campaign. 

Above all Stuart was a dear friend and will be sadly missed. Our love and deepest condolences to to his partner Charlotte and their daughter Anna.

Tony O’Sullivan, Steering Committee member, Co Chair of Keep Our NHS Public and a close friend writes:
We will always remember Stuart’s enormous contribution to the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign. From the early day, as a video maker, he captured in film our entire campaign. His was an extraordinary contribution: he saw the importance of documenting the growing strength and confidence of the Lewisham community, campaigners and supporters. This made a real difference to our campaign, enabling us to reach thousands upon thousands of people beyond Lewisham at the time, and to share the optimism and achievements of Lewisham up and down the land.

Stuart was proud to be a campaigner with us and so pleased when elected  as a steering committee member.
In all weathers, and often with his wife Charlotte, he travelled to and fro between Wanstead and Lewisham to help at every step of our struggle to save the NHS. He never failed us with his commitment and love. We will always miss him and never forget Stuart Monro.

In sadness, Tony

Hugh Shrapnel, close friend and comrade writes:
Stuart was my friend and comrade for over 40 years; I along with us all will greatly miss his inspiring commitment to the Campaign and his warmth and wonderful sense of humour.  Stuart’s massive and extensive videos of the Campaign along with all his other videos in support of the fight for a better world, are a priceless and lasting legacy.  


Olivia O’Sullivan, Campaign Secretary and close friend writes:
As web and social media person for the campaign, and coordinator of our Lewisham People’s Commission in 2013, I developed a close working relationship and friendship with Stuart. His work on the Commission – filming interviews with over 50 witnesses, and the editing of the final films of the event were outstanding pieces of work which have served to inspire other campaigns throughout the country and more widely. Stuart knew how important this work was. He didn’t just record events but had a perspective of hope that he wanted to put over and a story to tell – a true filmmaker.

He worked long hours, often overworking, but was utterly dedicated, as we have to be, to take our fight for the NHS forward. I cannot believe he has gone. I will miss him so much.


Barbara Veale, Steering Committee member writes:

The tributes already posted for Stuart say it all, almost. My special memories are of a throughly kind and decent man who was unfailingly generous to me, particularly during the planning and running of the two wonderful fund-raisers at the Rivoli Ballroom.


Kathy Cruise, Steering Committee member writes:

Stuart’s commitment and hard work were a vital part of the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign over the years and made a huge contribution to saving Lewisham Hospital. . We have a lot to thank him for. He was also a really nice man and great company. He will be greatly missed . Condolences to Charlotte and Anna and all his family friends and comrades. It was a privilege to know him.

Barry Mills, former Steering Committee member writes:

Very sad news indeed. Stuart was so likeable and charming. I have very good memories of our filming the interviews for the People`s Commission, as well as his recording of the numerous meetings, rallies and demos.

Jos Bell, former Steering Committee member writes:

I’m so very sorry to hear this sad news. Stuart was a charming and unfailingly polite gentleman and always up for a chat. His tireless work recording an editing all the many campaign activities while at the same time supporting Charlotte in her case was just extraordinary. My condolences to Charlotte and his family on their very sad loss. The campaigning world is much the poorer with Stuart’s passing.

Clare Phillips, campaigner

That is very sad news. What a terrible shock for his family and all of you that were close to him. I remember Stuart as a quiet and gentle man. The videos were of course excellent.
Best wishes

Sally Stephenson, mother of People’s Commission witness Deion writes:

Sorry to hear the news. Had the pleasure to meet this lovely man a few times. Our thoughts are with his family. Much love xxxxx

Roseanne Edwards, Banbury campaigner writes

Very sorry to hear you have lost such a hardworking, faithful member if your team. Deep sympathy to his family and friends from all the Banbury campaigners.  

Paul Bell, Lewisham Councillor and campaigner writes:

My condolences. A great human being fighting for our NHS.