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The Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign is non-party political community based campaign whose aim is to save and protect Lewisham Hospital and to defend the NHS, 

About our campaign
The campaign was set up by local organisations, residents, doctors, nurses, therapists and patients in October 2012 to oppose the Tory-appointed Trust Special Administrator plans to close down major services at Lewisham Hospital ion order to solve the problems in another trust caused by years of political mismanagement. The campaign successfully fought the closure of Lewisham Hospital with major demonstrations, multiple high profile political events and two court victories. The campaign has a steering committee of 20 elected people which meets regularly. There is a general meeting held very two months. Campaign working groups, open to all those interested,  meet more frequently to organise particular actions or aspects of campaign work. Read more…  


What you can do to help

  • Come along to our general meetings – you can find out about our next meeting here – come along and help us think of ways to defend our hospital and NHS services
  • Help us to leaflet on Saturdays in Lewisham town centre or in your local area
  • Help us to lobby meetings where vital decisions are being made about your NHS
  • Help us to plan events to bring what is happening in the NHS to public attention
  • Help us to research and try to keep ahead of government and local plans
  • Write letters to the local and national press
  • Follow us on Facebook 
  • Follow us on Twitter @SaveLewishamAE
  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Contact us – see form below or email