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Worked in Lewisham?

We meet many people on the streets who have trained in Lewisham Hospital or worked in Lewisham. We would love to collect your stories. Please send them in to and we will publish them here.

Sue Stead – formerly Sue Cooke

‘I did my nurse training at Lewisham 1974-1977, Group M under Miss Mutasa.  After that I worked in the A&E Department from 1975 to 1984.  Then, it was the second busiest A&E in South London after Kings, and I would think it is much the same today.  The hospital then was what had been the Lewisham Workhouse.  There was a nurses home beside it behind the register office, where a lot of the nurses stayed.  Either there or at Hither Green.

My son was born in Lewisham in 1980, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else even though I lived in Bromley, and I was under the care of Mrs Karnicki.  My son was premature and spent three weeks in SCBU where he received excellent care.

I made many friends  Lewisham, and still have them today.  We keep in regular contact even though they are scattered around the UK and Ireland.

 I attach a picture of my badge which I have always been very proud to wear.

My son and I will be joining you on 16th March and I wish you luck with the campaign.’


Don Urquart

‘I am a Consultant Paediatrician now working in Scotland, but count my experience as a junior doctor in Lewisham A+E in 1999/2000 as some of the best training and experience that I gained anywhere in my career.’

3 thoughts on “Worked in Lewisham?

  1. shirley registe says:

    I have worked in Lewisham hospital since 1979. I was trained in this nursing school under the tutors Mr Duck and Mr Ashanti. I qualified as an Enrolled nurse then did further traing to be a Registed nurse. Durning that time, i have seen many changes.
    For example the closing of Sydenham children hospital, Grove Park hospital, Hither Green Hospital. I also experience when Guys joined with Lewisham and the title was Lewisham and Guys or visi versa.
    I have had opportunites to move on as i specialise in my field but decided to stay here all those years without a break. The only time i have been away is when i went on maternity leave and i had both my children in Lewisham Hospital.
    My older child was borned eight and a half weeks pre-mature and was looked after in the special care baby unit in 1988-89 thanks to the hospital i now have a lovely affuent progressing young lady who i am so proud of. Also in the mid 90’s had a beautiful son who was also delivered in Lewisham maternity he too is doing fine.

    I continue to work in this hospital and is proud to do so. These people making all the changes need to put themselves in the shoes of those using the services before making such changes. I know we as people do not like changes but as an experience heath care worker, i know when wards are closed, people suffer and the chanes proposed i am sure will cause major sufferings to the people in this community. Please bear in mind, the population is growing and consider health of the poor nation.

  2. Ken Sampson says:

    I trained as a Registered General Nurse 1980-1983 and then worked on B5 for a year. I look back now and consider myself lucky that my training was so rounded. Lewisham was extremely busy and looking back and comparing it to other places I’ve worked since, had really high standards. It gave me an excellent start to 30 years of work in the NHS – so although I’ve not worked at Lewisham for many years I remain very fond of it and wish it well.

  3. Terry says:

    Worked at Lewisham many years ago as a Night Nurse Practitioner.

    Great place to work with a great team and patients are well looked after


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