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Spanish health workers form a white tide

white tide

Tati, a Spanish nurse has passed on news in English about the “white tide” of health workers in Spain.

“White tide is made by health workers at the beginning, and the rest of the people later.”

News from February 2013

El Pais “White tide” of health demonstrations spreads from Madrid to 15 other cities

Some pictures in our first anniversary:

A video of a rally a year ago:                    (Preview)     

Spain: Waves of health workers descend on Madrid protesting privatisation, RuptlyTV      
Thousands of doctors and nurses clad in white coats descended on the streets of Madrid on Sunday in a march known as the ‘white tide’. The health workers were protesting against privatisation and budget cuts, which they say is jeopardising public health. The Spanish government, led by conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, plans to save 7bn euros per year with the health sector reforms.

And, finally, today, the best news we have had in the last 2 years: the Goverment in the region of Madrid (the capital of Spain and some areas around, not only the city) cancels plans of privatization of public hospitals (for the time being):

Madrid abruptly cancels plans to outsource management at public hospitals

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