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Responses from patients & patient groups

We are setting up a new area to collect detailed responses from patients/community members
Many of you have written  in to the website – please carry on or send copies of your correspondence and views about the  many different aspects of this spiteful  and poorly-evidenced government attack on Lewisham Hospital. Patients’ perspectives are vital.

Click here to see correspondence from Lewisham resident Hazel Waters
Dear Mr Hunt,
I am writing to you directly, as my views, along with those of thousands of local people, on the proposed closure of Lewisham A&E and the downgrading of the maternity unit, have been ignored. The reply to my lengthy and detailed letter to Mr Kershaw was that my ‘response’ would be ‘analysed’ by ‘the team’, not that my questions would be answered by the man to whom they were put….

Letter to Hunt
Letter in reply to Tivi Morris from DOH
Freedom of Information request 




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