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3 thoughts on “Lewisham NHS Trust Choir concert

  1. Samantha East says:

    Great idea!
    How do I apply for tickets? Thanks

    • admin says:

      I think you just turn up! But will check
      Olivia for SLHC

  2. Christine Bisatt says:


    At the lobby of the Department of Health in March I heard a group of you sing, and went to introduce myself to your conductor, as I was both a fellow campaigner against the cuts, and also a local singing leader with a small choir meeting in the New Cross/Deptford area. I have now lost the email address he gave me, and we have an idea for an Autumn choral fundraiser to put to you. Please could you pass my details on to him again and ask him to send me a quick email with his contact details again?
    Thank you

    Christine Bisatt
    The Kender Grove Singers


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