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Letter to NHS Leaders from Lewisham Doctors

In the week prior to the announcement of Hunt’s decision, NHS leaders have appeared to speak out against Lewisham Hospital’s case. Lewisham doctors from the Hospital, together with GPs, have written an open letter.

‘It is regrettable that the contributions from such senior NHS leaders and Royal Medical College leads expressed in several prominent media articles, letters and interviews, have all appeared, with unfortunate timing, within 24 hours of the public demonstration in support of Lewisham Hospital on 26 January, with an impact of undermining the strong defence of local services. It is disingenuous and deceptive to hide behind assertions that NHS change is necessary – reconfiguration in pursuit of excellence – and that anyone who argues against a hospital closure is self-seeking. It is not opposition to change and clinical progress that motivates doctors in Lewisham to defend our clinical services, which are highly performing and financially responsible – Lewisham has worked hard to facilitate successful clinical changes such as stroke pathway. Closing our successful A&E and acute services because of financial imperatives derived from a different trust is an entirely different affair, about which we are justly aggrieved. There is a lack of evidence for the underlying assumption that ‘bigger hospitals are better’, and deliver better outcomes for the range of acute and emergency health needs. This has been challenged out by health economist, Professor Alan Maynard.[1]

To read full letter click here

[1] Polly Toynbee. Guardian: 25 January 2013.

2 thoughts on “Letter to NHS Leaders from Lewisham Doctors

  1. Rachel Ellis says:

    Jeremy Hunt’s decision makes no sense clinically, financially or politically. It is no argument that this is a result of Labour’s mismanagement, although many of its leaders must take the blame for not stepping up to the mark of increasing taxes rather than fiddling with PFI, we are two years into a Coalition government and they should be coming up with solutions which work. Howmdoesmit make sense to saddle a successful and well supported community hospital with the debts of on which is none of these things?

    Be assured that this matter is not going away, Lewisham residents are skilful, talented and resilient and will persist with what they see is right for their community. There will always be the ballot box to seek revenge and change upon any party perceived as supporting this decision. (Lib Dems be warned a- “Fly with the Crows you get shot with them!” As we used to tell our children.) Positively the campaign has also showed the younger generation how to become politically active.

    We must fight on.

    • admin says:

      You make some great points Rachel – especially about the Lewisham community. So many people are coming forward to support us with different talents and skills it is almost overwhelming. And the community came together last Saturday in such a fantastic way. We feel very optimistic.So please watch the website – things will start to move forward very soon.

      Olivia for SLHC


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