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Jeremy Hunt – his ‘proudest achievement’

Jeremy Hunt
Jeremy Hunt tried to take away our hospital – he said his plan would provide ‘better clinical services’. Yet anyone with knowledge of Lewisham Hospital, whether as a clinician or patient, knows that his verdict in Parliament on Thursday 31st January was based on glossed half-truths and lies – and would have lead to a deterioration of clinically effective and financially well-run services.

Here’s some information about the person who tried to downgrade our hospital, to deprive the elderly, mums and children, the disabled  – the whole fantastic population of 285,000 in Lewisham –  of our own A and E, maternity and children’s services.

  • Jeremy Hunt’s ‘proudest moment’ – saving his local A&E – you couldn’t make it up! Read about it from his own website Thanks for the pic Michael
  • On Twitter 2 Feb 2013 a quote from Hunt from 2007


  • Wikipedia Entry, NB sections on Expenses and Tax Avoidence – see here presumably he hasn’t checked his entry out recently
  • Jeremy Hunt has co-authored a book on NHS privatisation – thanks Ruth for bringing it to our attention again 
  • Jeremy Hunt and Murdoch – a pictorial reminder below


  • And then Hunt on Hillsborough (thanks Carol Brown) Click for full story










  • And finally – a survey in a museum magazine about Hunt’s time as Culture Secretary


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