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The Spirit of 45
This important new film from socialist film maker Ken Loach looks back at the founding of the Welfare State, including the NHS just after the Second World War (1939-45). Many older people affected badly by proposed closures of Lewisham Hospital today remember how it was before the Welfare State and NHS existed.
This film looks back to a time when people came together to think about building a new society after the war and looks at the role politicians like Thatcher played in changing fundamental  ideas about society and the individual.

 The film is showing in Greenwich Picture House, The Ritzy in Brixton and Stratford East PIcture House this week. See the trailer below and go along if you can.

Follow the link below for more information

One thought on “Events


    Please listen to MARK MCGOWAN ~aka~ CHUNKY MARK on YOUTUBE. He is the only one who is speaking THE TRUTH about what is really happening to our BELOVED NHS and how this EVIL CONDEMN GOVERNMENT is destroying our GREAT NHS so that they can PRIVATISE it and make MILLIONS OF POUNDS from the SUFFERING of HARD WORKING BRITISH PEOPLE for their friends and their own pockets. We MUST GET TOGETHER and STOP THESE EVIL PARASITES FROM DESTROYING OUR NHS or suffer for the rest of our lives and they will also make the lives of our children a MISERY for the next thousand years… GOD BLESS THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OF GREAT BRITAIN

    The Crime of the Century;PFI Libor and the NHS


    Always Loved & Respected ♥ SIR RICHARD BRANSON ♥ BUT after hearing this news I am not so sure that he cares about the people of Great Britain anymore… PLEASE LISTEN TO ♥ MARK MCGOWAN ♥ before it is TOO LATE for OUR CHILDREN, ME & YOU


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