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Do the Harlem Shake with hospital staff Thursday 2 May

Picture New Shopper

Lewisham NHS Trust staff and supporters did a fantastic Harlem Shake on 2 May in Ladywell Fields

To see news report and video in New Shopper click here

Organised by Sharon Ratcliff and Michaela Smikle:

“It was amazing!!! Everyone that attended was great!!! We even had Zampa (The Millwall mascot) shaking away with Scooby doo!!!”

“The overall aim was to create a great video that highlights the campaign, and hopefully people will love it enough to share it with their families, friends and colleagues via email and social media. We’re hoping it will be the BEST and FUNNIEST Harlem Shake out there, and who knows? We might go viral!”

Official video coming soon

Promotional video here:


One thought on “Do the Harlem Shake with hospital staff Thursday 2 May

  1. Rebecca Turner says:


    I am a student studying at Goldsmith University of London, and my third year project is called Pinissue, which is a social platform which helps to promote issues within local community’s. I would really like to bring my giant drop pin to “pin” your event and help you to raise awareness through social media.

    If possible i would like to film some of the event also. This footage would only be used for my exam.

    Kind Regards

    Rebecca Turner


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