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Director of Children’s Services letter to the Prime Minister

January 13 2013

Children’s Director of Lewisham NHS Trust wrote to the Prime Minister

‘I am writing to you in a personal capacity, as a paediatrician who has worked in Lewisham for the last twenty years and as Director of children’s services in our trust. I ask that you consider some final comments, which I am also copying to the Secretary of State for Health. I hope that you will listen and take heed of the real injustice being proposed in the Final Report of Matthew Kershaw, the Trust Special Administrator (TSA) for South London Healthcare NHS Trust and the NHS in South East London.

There have been many real errors and omissions in the TSA process, some of which notably relate to 20% of the population of Lewisham – children, and I attach the response to the TSA’s draft proposals from my Children’s Directorate at Lewisham Healthcare as additional background evidence for you. [1]

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