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Adopt a placard!

All organisations / businesses etc that would like to support the demonstration by putting their name on a placard are invited to contact us and let us know.

Send request to Carolyn at

Here is a picture of the placard. The name of your community group, church, trade union branch or business will be written at the top.
We are working on placard production over the next 7-10 days.








Let us know – we will write your names on the placard before the demo.

If you feel able to make a small donation – we would be grateful for your support.



7 thoughts on “Adopt a placard!

  1. Beverley Ejimofo says:

    I am happy for our name to be put on a placard. We are based locally and run training to support unemployed young people in Lewisham and other boroughs into work.

    I am also happy to make a donation.

    • admin says:

      hi beverley thanks. I have sent the name of your organisation to . If you would like to make a donation our bank details are under the Donate tab on the menu.
      Save Lewisham Hospital

  2. Lauren Evans says:

    Hi. Can you please put
    Hirst Bakery
    on a placard. We would be happy to make a donation. We are offering free tea and coffee to marchers in our bakery on the day.
    Lauren Evans

    • admin says:

      Thanks that’s brilliant – I’ve forwarded your details

  3. London Hazards Centre says:

    we would like our name on a placard & we will make a donation(I will make a personal donation to cover that!)
    London Hazards has worked with many community groups in Lewisham over a lot of years.
    Fighting to stay open ourselves: London Council officers are not recommending funding for 2013/14.
    Will be there on 26th. My Unite branch is supporting this campaign!

  4. Hazel Waters says:

    Lewisham Branch Parkinson’s UK would like to adopt a placard. Some of our members will be there, wearing Parkinson’s tabards.
    Sorry this is last minute, but hope you can do this. Closure of Lewisham A&E would really affect our members.
    We will be making a donation on behalf of our Branch.

    • admin says:

      Thanks HAZEL, I’ve passed on your request.



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